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wedding furniture rentals

Whether your wedding style is glitzy glam, boho chic or minimalist zen, you’ll likely need to rent furniture to bring your vision to life. Wedding rental companies offer a wide range of party items and furniture, from folding chairs to unique couches to tents and more.

While purchasing a few items is certainly not out of the question, most experts recommend using rental companies for the bulk of your decor needs. Here’s why:

Rentals are usually cheaper than buying, especially when you consider that most items will only be used once for your big day. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind accent pieces, such as welcome signs and direction signage, buying may be the way to go so that each sign can be personalized for your event. Also, if you want to make a splash with greenery or flowers, buying is often the best option as you can take them home afterwards to continue growing.

The venue’s existing furniture will play a major role in what you need to rent, so consult with your wedding planner and rentals company to see what is available. You’ll also need to know if the venue is happy with outside rentals replacing their current pieces, as some venues have specific policies or are concerned about vendors damaging their property.

If your wedding will have a cocktail hour and/or plated dinner, working with your wedding planner and rentals company to figure out how many tables you’ll need for meal service is essential. This will help them decide what types of tables you need (square, round or long) and if they need to be a certain size to accommodate your menu and number of guests. You’ll likely need tables for food stations, buffets and the new couple’s sweetheart table.

Your caterer will also work with your rentals company to determine what type of flatware, plates and bowls you’ll need for each guest’s place setting. You’ll likely need water glasses, white and red wine glasses and champagne flutes as well as serving utensils like spoons and forks.

You’ll also need bar supplies to serve cocktails and other drinks, including ice buckets, drink dispensers and bar backs. If you’ll have a specialty bar, like a martini bar or a coffee and tea station, work with your rentals company to get the appropriate glassware and supplies for your speciality drinks.

Depending on your venue, you’ll also need to rent a dance floor and any other necessary staging for the performance space. Your wedding planner and rentals company can work with the venue to find the perfect size for your event and ensure that it’s set up correctly the day of.

While you can rent pretty much any type of seating you’d like, many brides opt to purchase their own chairs instead. Chairs aren’t just a functional piece for the big day, they add a personal touch that can be a great conversation starter for guests. There are so many options for chairs, from modern Ghost chairs to rustic crossbacks and classic Chiavaris, that it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to choose. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to factor in the cost of chair covers and sashes as well.