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Event furniture rental can save a lot of time in organizing a special event. Event organizers can simply rent tables, chairs, kitchen equipment and other furnishings to complete the event venue design and decor. Some companies even specialize in catering to the unique requirements of events such as weddings and banquets. Others focus on the business community by providing conference equipment rentals.

When starting a company that specializes in event furniture rental, it is important to understand the industry and your customer base. This can help you establish your niche and define your offering. You should also look at the competition and see how you can differentiate yourself from them. This could include reducing your prices or providing additional services. For example, some businesses offer delivery and installation as an added benefit to their rental service while other offer event design or planning.

In the event furniture rental industry, you can also add value to your products and services by offering a range of accessories or customization options. This can include items such as drapes and curtains, lighting and props. Depending on the size of your inventory, you can offer these options as part of your rental service or make them an added feature for customers who want to create a custom event space.

To add a unique touch to your event, consider using lounge seating or accent furniture. This allows guests to relax, socialize and have fun. It can also encourage collaboration and teamwork. Some popular examples of lounge seating or accent furniture are sofas, loveseats and sectionals upholstered in luxe leather, microsuede and velvet; lighted cubes; carpeting; and decorative pillows.

The last thing you want at a corporate event is for people to be uncomfortable. Whether they are new clients or coworkers, you need to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, you can do this by renting ergonomically designed office chairs and other furniture from a reputable company. These pieces can even charge guests’ devices and help them stay connected during the event.

To create a share-worthy experience for your clients and event attendees, trust the expert planners at CORT Events. Our diverse event furniture for rent in New York City will keep your guests engaged throughout the entire event. From whiteboard walls to high-tech seating that charges your attendees’ devices, we have the latest and most stylish designs to help you stand out.